About Us

Live Yum is a company making food with a purpose. Live Yum was founded to make plant-based eating in India more affordable, accessible and delicious! 

Live Yum was founded by Bangalore born Indian female entrepreneur Taanya Ravi. Growing up, Taanya was a championship level badminton player, and beat Olympian P.V. Sindhu the two times they played. Taanya focused on school and academics and ended up working for Goldman Sachs. After several years, she left the corporate world to serve the animals as an undercover investigator and vegan spy. She secretly filmed the abuse of farm animals in every Indian state, doing more than a hundred investigations and had a few close calls. Following a back injury that forced her to retire from investigations work, Taanya merged her love of animals, cheese and India to found Live Yum. 

Through Live Yum, Taanya aspires to serve both animals and customers with delicious, affordable plant-based products. 

Taanya Ravi

"I am so grateful to everyone that has been supportive of my mission, especially customers who share the product with pre-vegan family members, and post creations made with Live Yum products on social media to spread the word plant-based eating is fun, easy and yum! Thank you so much for your purchase and for caring about others!"   

Taanya Ravi