We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below, if your question/query is not answered satisfactorily, please write to hello@liveyumfoods.com

Does Live Yum contain any animal products or by-products?
None of our products contain animal products or by-products. All our products are 100% plant-based.

Do your products contain protein?
Our products do contain potato protein. To learn more about the protein content in our products, we suggest that you go through the nutritional information guide found on each product’s landing page.

Do your products contain MSG?
No MSG is added to our products. However, the yeast extract we use does contain trace amounts of naturally occurring glutamate – which is an amino acid occurring naturally in the human body and in many foods, such as tomatoes and mushrooms.

Do you use palm oil in your products?
No, we do not use palm oil in our products.

Are Live Yum products organic and non-GMO?
Although we’re not organic or non-GMO certified, we strive to use the best quality ingredients in all our products. Where organic and non-GMO ingredients are used, we have organic and/or non-GMO statements from the suppliers.

Do your products contain allergens?
All our products are free from these 7 major food allergens, namely – dairy (casein, whey and lactose), gluten (from wheat, barley and oat), soy, eggs, peanuts, fish and shell fish. If there is something in particular that you might be allergic to, please be sure to contact us for more allergen information.

How long will refrigerated Live Yum products stay fresh? Can they be frozen instead?
Our products are all natural. We recommend freezing our cheeses at all times and thawing before use to optimise 6 months shelf life.

How does Live Yum ensure product freshness during transportation?
Our formulations and packaging are designed to optimize shelf life of our products. We strictly maintain temperature control in our manufacturing unit and work with a supply chain that is committed to making timely deliveries. In the unlikely event that a product's standards are compromised upon delivery, please write to us at hello@liveyumfoods.com.

Is Live Yum’s packaging recyclable?
In choosing our product packaging, we take into consideration several factors. With consumer preferences being our top driver, we’re focused on ensuring product freshness and safety through packaging. Furthermore, since our products are free from preservatives, the only way to retain freshness is to prevent oxygen from entering into the package. Currently, the plastic used in packaging is non-recyclable. Having recyclable packaging continues to remain a priority and we will work hard to get there. We’re always on the lookout for better alternatives and ensure that we will always strive to make environmentally responsible decisions.

How’d the name Live Yum come to be?
LIVE/liv/-to celebrate life
YUM/yam/-delicious (also a syllable to open up the heart center)
Live Yum was developed to inspire a culture of conscious and mindful eating and being. In everything we do, we seek to celebrate socially conscious living by providing consumers with innovative, compassionate and delicious plant-based food.